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Gulfstream G500 Private Jet Charter

Based on the Gulfstream IV, the Gulfstream G500 is designed to fly intercontinental routes and comfortably accommodates 14 to 19 passengers.

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Gulfstream G500private jet charter

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Gulfstream G500 Private Jet Charter Flights and Prices

Based on the Gulfstream IV, the Gulfstream G500 is designed to fly intercontinental routes and comfortably accommodates 14 to 19 passengers.

The average hourly rental rate of the Gulfstream G500 is around 7,900 USD per hour.

Aircraft Size

Aircraft size English Metric
Length 91.16 ft 27.8 m
Wing Span 87.06 ft 26.54 m
Height 25.48 ft 7.76 m
Bag. Capacity 176.58 ft³ 5 m³

Cabin Size

Cabin size English Metric
Length 41.5 ft 12.64 m
Width 7.9 ft 2.42 m
Height 6.32 ft 1.92 m
Area 1716.3 ft³ 48.6 m³

Aircraft Seats

Layout Seats
Max Seating 19
Typical Seating 13
Pilots 2

Average Prices

Purchase New - -
Purchase Used - -
Hourly rate 7,900 USD/hour 7,900 EUR/hour

Performance Specifications

Performance English Metric
IFR Range 5000 nm 9260 km
Cruise Speed 516 KTAS 955 km/h
Certified Ceiling 51000 ft 15545 m
Rate of Climb 4000 ft/m 1219 m/m
Takeoff Distance 5200 ft 1585 m
Landing Distance 3100 ft 945 m
Max Takeoff Weight 76850 lbs 34859 kg
Max Landing Weight 64350 lbs 29189 kg
Useful Weight 24750 lbs 11226 kg
Payload with Full Fuel 1800 lbs 816 kg

More about the Gulfstream G500

G500 Exterior

Gulfstream G500. Picture Source.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation – better-known simply as Gulfstream – is an American institution which has been responsible for creating over 2,000 aircraft since 1958. Far from just pumping out numbers, the quality of the aircraft created here is recognized and revered around the world. It’s no wonder that the aviation industry has awaited the delivery of the G500 with such interest.

‘Exceeds expectations’

Indeed, the significance of the occasion was not lost on the President of Gulfstream himself, Mark Burns. Speaking at a special ceremony to mark the milestone occasion, Mr. Burns paid tribute to all involved in the process:

‘We are proud of the work we and our suppliers have done to deliver a technologically advanced, all-new, clean-sheet aircraft,’ said Mr. Burns. ‘[It] exceeds our customers’ expectations and continues the longstanding Gulfstream tradition of excellence.’

Excitement had been building for this moment over the past few months, ever since the aircraft received its long-awaited US type certification. It finally received it in July 2018, giving the company the go-ahead to produce and test fly the aircraft, as well as granting airworthiness certification to the long-range business jet.

But the journey of the G500 goes back much further than just a few months. It was first launched back in 2014, and instantly drew excitement thanks to a range of promising features and a stellar design.

The G500 was then fully unveiled at the annual Farnborough air show this year, showcasing its sleek design and polished features to the world in all its glory. Although it wasn’t then ready to take to the sky, this was a great opportunity for fans to get up close and personal with the next installment of the brilliant Gulfstream series.

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Key Features of the Gulfstream G500

The G500 will typically be configured to seat eight to ten passengers but can be arranged to accommodate as many as nineteen passengers in an executive layout. However, if the cabin is arranged to allow sleeping arrangements, the Gulfstream G500 will be capable of accommodating 8 passengers in this configuration. The cabin of the Gulfstream G500 measures 41.6 feet in length, reach 6.3 feet in height and stretch a maximum of 7.9 feet. This private jet is planned to feature an expansive 1,715 cubic feet of baggage storage, capable of meeting all of your luggage needs. Fourteen large Gulfstream panoramic windows will surround the cabin, offering extraordinary views while providing ample natural light for a relaxing environment. The G500 is capable of best in class cabin pressurization which, combined with its 100 percent fresh air system, will save passengers from feeling the effects of jet lag.

G500 Interior

Gulfstream G500 Interior. Picture Source.

Capabilities of the Gulfstream G500

The Gulfstream G500 comes equipped with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW814GA engines. Each engine is rated at 15,144 pounds of thrust at takeoff. With these engines, the G500 requires only 5,200 feet of runway to take off at sea level on a standard day. With four passengers, the Gulfstream G500 needs just 3,100 feet of runway to land at its maximum landing weight. This private business jet features a maximum certificated service ceiling of 51,000 feet and an initial cruise altitude of 41,000 feet. It features a nonstop range of 5,000 nautical miles and a maximum operating Mach number of 0.95. In a long-range cruise configuration, the G500 is capable of maintaining an airspeed of 488 knots. In a high-speed cruise configuration, this private jet is capable of maintaining an airspeed of 516 knots.

G500 Cockpit

Gulfstream G500 Flight Deck. Picture Source.

The Gulfstream G500 is operated by active control sidesticks, allowing for both visual and tactile feedback between crewmembers. The avionics package selected for the Gulfstream G500 is the Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck avionics suite. Incorporated into this advanced avionics system are ten touchscreen displays which reduce the number of toggle switches and buttons required in the flight deck. One system included in this avionics suite is the Phase-of-Flight system by Gulfstream, which provides a structured task list to the pilots for ease of operation and reduction of workload.  

The performance of the G500 is very impressive. With a range of 5,200nm (or 9,620km) the super-large-cabin long-range business jet is capable of taking on the toughest routes around. It’s around 30 knots faster than its predecessor, the G450, and can travel 18% farther whilst consuming the same amount of fuel.

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