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Airbus ACJ319 Private Jet Charter

The A319 Corporate Jetliner is a corporate, ultra-long range private jet which seats up to 39 passengers, but can be reconfigured for up to 156 passengers.

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Airbus ACJ319private jet charter

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Airbus ACJ319 Private Jet Charter Flights and Prices

The A319 Corporate Jetliner is a corporate, ultra-long range private jet which seats up to 39 passengers, but can be reconfigured for up to 156 passengers.

The average hourly rental rate of the Airbus ACJ319 is around 16,900 USD per hour.

Aircraft Size

Aircraft size English Metric
Length 111.02 ft 33.84 m
Wing Span 111.88 ft 34.1 m
Height 38.58 ft 11.76 m
Bag. Capacity 976.1 ft³ 27.64 m³

Cabin Size

Cabin size English Metric
Length 77.76 ft 23.7 m
Width 12.18 ft 3.72 m
Height 7.38 ft 2.25 m
Area 5900.02 ft³ 167.08 m³

Aircraft Seats

Layout Seats
Max Seating 156
Typical Seating 19
Pilots 2

Average Prices

Purchase New - -
Purchase Used - -
Hourly rate 16,900 USD/hour 16,900 EUR/hour

Performance Specifications

Performance English Metric
IFR Range 6100 nm 11297 km
Cruise Speed 459 KTAS 850 km/h
Certified Ceiling 41000 ft 12500 m
Rate of Climb 3000 ft/m 914 m/m
Takeoff Distance 6170 ft 1880 m
Landing Distance 4460 ft 1360 m
Max Takeoff Weight 166500 lbs 76500 kg
Max Landing Weight 137800 lbs 62500 kg
Useful Weight 73080 lbs 33150 kg
Payload with Full Fuel 9700 lbs 4400 kg

More about the Airbus ACJ319

A shorter version of the majorly successful ACJ320, the ACJ319, is seven fuselage frames shorter than the its almost identical sister jet. Known for its spacious interior cabin, the ACJ319 combines in-flight comforts with intercontinental capabilities. Featuring three large cabin sections with a living room, dining room, and bedroom, the A319 is truly a home away from home. All of its 18 first class passenger seats can be fully reclined and converted to a sleeping arrangement allowing for guests to be well-rested upon landing. The private bedroom chamber also includes a full bathroom and shower. Along with the A320, the A319 has the widest single aisle fuselage available and as a result, sets a precedent for other business jets in its category. Multiple cabin layouts provide versatility in the six-zone cabin and OnAir integration allows passengers to utilize mobile devices during their flights. It has become a high priority for passengers to keep in touch with the rest of the world while flying privately. This is especially useful in VIP operations where connectivity is not only useful, but essential.

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Key Features of the Airbus ACJ319

In Brazil, the A319 is used as a mobile command center for presidential flights. Known as the Brazilian Air Force One or VC-1A, the modified A319 is utilized to transport the Brazilian President on all mid-range and long-range international flights. Its three distinct cabin sections serve three distinct functions. The first chamber near the cockpit is a presidential suite, which serves as a private office, meeting room, and security center. The next chamber contains first-class seating specifically reserved for advisers and other senior staff. The final section is reserved for the media and any other passengers. The VC-1A also has an Intensive Care Unit as well as satellite communications and three kitchens. The satellite can be used to transfer sensitive information and data, including image and voice. The President is able to perform his full duties while in the air in the event of national conflict. For these reasons, the aircraft has defensive military capabilities include anti-aircraft missiles and a radar warning system.

Capabilities of the Airbus ACJ319

Being able to fly nonstop for up to 6,000 nautical miles means that unlike most private jets, the A319 can fly distances as great as New York to Tokyo. Its cruising speed of 447 knots is nothing spectacular and approximately average for private jets, however the fact that it can maintain this speed for over 6,000 miles is quite an impressive feat. As with all the other entries from the Airbus corporate jet line (A318, A319, A320, and A321), the ACJ319 has fly-by-wire controls and only one pilot type rating is necessary to fly any of the models of the ACJ family. This makes pilot recruitment more straightforward and the digital controls and liquid crystal displays in the cockpit make the piloting experience more comfortable. The A319 comes equipped with up to six extra fuel tanks and can reach altitudes of up to 41,000 feet. The aircraft also comes with many standard interior features such as full entertainment systems, cabin lightning, moveable chairs, galley, phone system, satellite TV, integrated sound system, and a private lavatory.

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